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My first experience with a Porsche goes back to 1966, when I learned to drive a Porsche Junior tractor - and my passion for Porsche was kindled.
In 1974, the first 911 found its way into our family and I hijacked the back seat, which was "mine" from the very first moment. Even at that time, I began working at gas stations and later for a used car dealer who sold vehicles to soldiers in the U.S. Army.
In 1976 followed the unstoppable path to self-employment and two years later the first purchase, together with a friend, of a used 911 - a 1972 Targa in viper green. From the 80's on I imported cars from England, the USA and also from other countries. These cars were sold as they were or they were restored before - Carpoint was born. A friend and I bought our first racing Porsche 911 (model year 1964) in 1984. From then on Porsches accompanied me permanently in many different ways: Trading, restoration and rallying as well as buying and selling.

Classic cars were booming and were no longer just niche objects for isolated car enthusiasts. Thus I devoted myself also to English vehicles and established in this area also the trade, the restoration and the spare part sales. Carpoint LTD was founded, after which we had a company in England and a restoration company in New Zealand. In the course of this Carpoint became the importer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the brands Ginetta, Marcos and GTD. In the 90's the import of classic cars and their registration became our strength. Many of these automobiles were 911s and often presented us with problems during registration. We struggled a lot with the not so good spare parts situation, as many parts were no longer available for the early Porsche models. So I decided to start remanufacturing parts for Porsche cars, because the market and demand were definitely there.

Our first parts included the Bakelite shift knob for 901s, 915 transmission, rear bumper horn up to 1973 model both with and without rubber overlay, driver and passenger side floorboards with add-on parts, and all types of chrome exterior mirrors including for the 914 model. We wanted to produce the highest quality parts to original specifications and market them at affordable prices. The parts should be indistinguishable from the original in function, look, finish and feel. Today, more than 20 years later, we supply about 2000 different spare parts for Porsche vehicles from our own production.

Furthermore, we also distribute many parts from other manufacturers in order to make our spare parts program attractive for our customers. We do not only carry spare parts, but also lifestyle products, suitcases, bags and luggage of all kinds. Many things are made according to your wishes and design. Likewise, you will also find gifts, T-shirts and numerous other products in our weekly growing webshop. For a fast delivery you can rely on our service promise: All orders placed by 2 pm will go out to you the same day.
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I look forward to sharing this passion with you and continuing to be inspired by you,

Your Andreas Freund